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Amazon Birds: We travel and adventure to the jungle to watch birds and protect these animals in their shelters and reservations projects in Peru. We can see exotic birds, parrots, neotropical migratory birds (Latin America, the Caribbean, Brazil, etc). They are a variety of species of families in their tropical habitats where they overwinter. Tourists use hotels, lodges and sustainable tour operators that contribute to the conservation of birds and protect the environment and wildlife from the Biosphere Reserve of Manu in Peru.

Amazon Birds - Manu National Park

Amazon Field Rainforest bird to Manu Road / Machu Picchu 10 days

Amazon Field – Rainforest bird to Manu Road / Machu Picchu: Uncommon bird in the humid montane forest of the eastern slope of the Andes from 2,300 masl to 3,500 masl, and occasionally down to 1,500 masl, ornate toucan with bold red, black, and yellow bill, gray-blue underparts, bronzy-green upperparts, yellow rump and red undertail […]

Manu Amazon Birds Watch 10days

Manu Amazon Birds Watch: This program is recommended for ornithologists and tourists interested in bird watching in the Andes, cloud forest, high Amazon rainforest, and low Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest is by far one of the world’s most attractive destination for birders, from 3490 m.a.s.l. at the first check point of Manu National Park […]

Amazon Watch – Manu Biosphere 7 days

Amazon Watch – Manu Biosphere: Amazon Birding – the ultimate in wildlife tours in Manu. Manu National Park has the highest biodiversity of any protected area in the world. The unparalleled beauty of this trip is in the landscape and variety of habitats ranging from orchid-draped cloud forest, where Spectacled Bears and Cock-of-the-Rocks still exist undisturbed, […]

Bird Trip – Manu Watching Peru 15 days

Bird Trip – Manu Waching Peru: About 60% of Peruvian territory is Amazon rainforest. Manu Park and Amarakaery Reserve are located in the extreme western corner of Peru’s Madre de Dios Region. This excursion is oriented to people who want to have an adventure deep in the Amazonian forest, without lodges and restaurants. We will take […]

Amazon Watch Peru Birds - Tambopata Reserve

Watch Birds Cusco – Quince Mil – Tambopata 10days

Birding in Cusco – QuinceMil – Tambopata Puerto Maldonado: Our Birding Trips provide to the budget birders with a fantastic opportunity for observing the highlights of this Peru country with incredible birds and wildlife of the jungle. On this Tour we will visit QuinceMil, Puerto Maldonado, Tambopata area and Manu Biosphere Reserve, all of which […]

Tambopata Field Birds – Macaw Clay Lick 3days

Tambopata Birds Macaw Clay Lick 3 days: As major seed predators, macaws and other parrots are engaged in an “evolutionary race” with plant species, which have developed a protection mechanism where their seeds contain chemical defences – toxins that are either distasteful or harmful to birds that eat them. Macaws engage in geophagy (eating soil) […]

Bird Watching Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Birds Peru Abra Malaga 5 days

Machu Picchu Birds Peru Abra Malaga 5 days: Machu Picchu hardly needs any introduction and, for birders, the Polylepis Forest at the Abra Malaga pass with many endemic species is almost as famous. There are four types of programs available and the number of days can be varied: A Program: Arrival from Manu road in the […]

Machu Picchu Birds Field – Huacarpay – Abra Malaga 5days

Machu Picchu Birds Field – Huacarpay – Abra Malaga 5 days: Huacarpay birding on request half day, arriving or leaving from Cusco and birding Saqsaywaman near the main square of Cusco and Inca Archaeological Sites, Andean Culture, Relict Woodlands, Andean Birds and Machu Picchu adventure. This trip is designed for of birders. We know this […]

Amazon Bird watch in the North of Peru

Amazon Bird watching in the Central of Peru

Bird Central Peru 5 Day/4 night

DRY WEST ANDEAN SLOPE – HIGH PUNA CENTRAL PERU. 5 days This is a short but richfull birding trip in the dry West Andean Slope and the barren but diverse high-elevation puna, this is home of lots of endemic birds, with small and restricted habitat for most of them, Santa Eulalia Valley is accesible in […]

Bird Trip Central Peru Huanuco and Junin 9 days

Bird Trip Central Peru Huanuco and Junin 9 days – If there is anywhere an ornithologist would want to be born…..that place is Peru. The enormous amount of birds which exist on the coast, the desert, the plains, the highlands, the mountains, the forests, the lakes and even the parks in the cities are a dream come true.

Amazon Birds - bird north, bird coast, bird South, this Route is the best of birding in the Peru

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Amazon Birding

Birdwatching in Peru the observations and sightings of birds carried out in 24 departments of Peru Amazon with on Amazon jungle trips

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Amazon Birding Manu

Bird to Manu National Park the best jungle destination in the Amazon Peru is the birds of countries in the world amazing for visit

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Amazon Birding

Birding routes in Southern the Peru. One of the great altitudinal transects in tropical America, southeastern Peru offers a rich birding experience

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Amazon Birding

Amazon watch Bird, travel by routes in Northern the Peru for to first-time and experienced birders in South America with Amazon Birds Agency

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