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Bird Trip – Manu Watching Peru 15 days

Bird Trip – Manu Waching Peru: About 60% of Peruvian territory is Amazon rainforest. Manu Park and Amarakaery Reserve are located in the extreme western corner of Peru’s Madre de Dios Region. This excursion is oriented to people who want to have an adventure deep in the Amazonian forest, without lodges and restaurants. We will take you into virgin rainforest, learning how to build jungle camps and find ways to survive.

Put your survival skills to the test on this guided tour through the Amazon Rainforest. Your expert guide will teach you how to conquer your natural surroundings. Learn how to identify trees that produce fruits and nuts, how to find sources of clean water, practice building traps for small animals, build balsa rafts and navigate down the river into the Amazon.

We will provide basic food and water, but we will do a lot of fishing and hunting for a survival experience.

Manu Amazon Birds Watching

Manu Amazon Birds Watch 10days

Manu Amazon Birds Watch: This program is recommended for ornithologists and tourists interested in bird watching in the Andes, cloud forest, high Amazon rainforest, and low Amazon rainforest.

The Amazon rainforest is by far one of the world’s most attractive destination for birders, from 3490 m.a.s.l. at the first check point of Manu National Park (Ajanacu) down to the low Amazon basin at 280 m.a.s.l. This great range of altitudes makes Manu home to more than 1,000 bird species.

Amazon Watch Manu Biosphere birds peru

Amazon Field Rainforest bird to Manu Road / Machu Picchu 10 days

Amazon Field – Rainforest bird to Manu Road / Machu Picchu 10 days and 9 nights

Uncommon bird in the humid montane forest of the eastern slope of the Andes from 2,300 masl to 3,500 masl, and occasionally down to 1,500 masl, ornate toucan with bold red, black, and yellow bill, gray-blue underparts, bronzy-green upperparts, yellow rump and red undertail flahses in flight; most individual in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest for Machu Picchu birds

Amazon Watch Manu Biosphere birds peruvian

Amazon Watch – Manu Biosphere 7 days

Amazon Watch – Manu Biosphere: Amazon Birding – the ultimate in wildlife tours in Manu. Manu National Park has the highest biodiversity of any protected area in the world. The unparalleled beauty of this trip is in the landscape and variety of habitats ranging from orchid-draped cloud forest, where Spectacled Bears and Cock-of-the-Rocks still exist undisturbed, to pristine Amazon Rainforest with 13 primate species and oxbow lakes frequented by Giant Otters.

A trip to Manu is a trip to one of the world´s great wilderness areas, where wildlife is still plentiful and over 1,000 species of birds have been recorded. Add to this a breathtaking visit to Machu Picchu and you have a trip of a lifetime.


Peru Bird Manu park amazon birds

Peru Bird Manu 4 days

Peru Bird Manu National Park, Manu has always been close to the Neotropical Bird Club’s heart, forming the destination for our first-ever Club tour in 1997. More than a decade on, who better to help us explore the ‘new’ Manu than the leader of that seminal trip who had already been birding Manu for 15 years—and who will also co-lead the Club’s forthcoming tour to Guyana?

Peru stands at the top of many an international birder’s agenda. Complex patterns of biogeography and topography have blessed the country with some of the world’s greatest avian diversity and density. Approximately 1,700–1,750 bird species are known to occur in Peru; 45% of all Neotropical birds and 18% of the world’s avifauna! Only Colombia and Brazil have (slightly) greater avian diversity. Many species new to science have been discovered recently in Peru (including from the Manu region upon which I focus this article), some of which await formal description. Moreover, unlike some other top‑ranking Neotropical birding destinations, Peru retains extensive tracts of little‑disturbed habitat. Throw into the mix Peru’s rich history and culture, and the country becomes unmissable.

Little wonder that virtually all well‑known bird tour companies have Peru on their menu of birding holidays.



Rainforest Bird Manu Cloud Florest amazon

Rainforest Bird – Manu Cloud Florest 4days

Rainforest Bird – Manu Cloud Florest: This compact program offers you the chance to explore Manu National Park’s cloud forest ecosystem. Attractions include the daily mating ritual of Peru’s national bird, the cock-of-the-rock. For birding enthusiasts without the time for a longer Peruvian Amazon program, the 3 day / 2 nights Manu Cloud Forest tour is an excellent option AmazonBirds.

Manu Cloud forest Bird : Widely acknowledged as one of the premier birding and natural history sites in the world. Part I focuses on the Andes, Part II the lowlands. Spectacular tropical birding in a pristine, super-rich avifauna.
Following a day in the historic Inca city of Cuzco, where we will acclimate to high elevations, our Manu Part 1 journey begins when we set out on an adventure across the highlands, passing a quiltwork of often colorful fields and villages and ever-changing panoramas before eventually descending in steps down the verdant, eastern wall of the Andes, first through elfin forest, then cloud forest, and finally rich wet foothill forest at the conclusion of the trip. Our first destination is the Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge, at about 4,500 feet elevation, and well-situated for mountain birding with Andean Cocks-of-the-rock displaying nearby, and feeders that attract hummingbirds, barbets, and tanagers. We also may see Black-and-chestnut Eagles, Torrent Ducks, motmots, quetzals, and mountain-toucans but, for some, the high energy bird flocks dominated by unbelievably colorful tanagers—which are so characteristic of the Andes—will surely be a highlight.
Three days later we will resume our journey downward into the bird-rich Andean foothills and, at the end of the day, be met and ferried across the Alto Madre de Dios River to the Amazonia Lodge. With delightful hospitality, spotless rooms, and excellent food, the Amazonia Lodge is a superb place to make a relaxed birding transition from cloud forest to foothill rainforest. You are sure to notice dramatic changes in the avifauna here as tanager-dominated mixed species flocks of the highlands give way to a more diverse array of antbirds, furnariids, flycatchers, manakins, and such exotic species as hoatzins and macaws. Numerous species here are unique to these wet foothills, among them the Blue-headed Macaw, Scarlet-hooded Barbet, Chestnut-backed Antshrike, and Black-backed Tody-Tyrant, and our visit here is sure to be one filled with exciting wildlife sightings.
The Manu I tour is a highland wilderness experience that perfectly complements the lowland trip which follows. It incorporates the beauty and majesty of the Andes, the dramatic panoramas, the clouds, and the birds and forests of this unspoiled region into a birding experience unsurpassed in South America.
Good to excellent lodge accommodations and good food; several days at each site; roadside birding in highlands; mostly easy trails in lowlands; travel by bus, boat, and charter plane; one long travel day; moderately brisk pace with frequent midday breaks; cool in mountains, warm and humid in lowlands.

The Rainforest Bird – Manu Cloud Florest program is specially designed for those wanting to observe the enormous variety of bird species that inhabit this remarkable ecosystem. Manu is a dream destination for birding enthusiasts. One of the most representative bird species is the cock-of-the-rock, and it is also possible to observe several species of parrots and macaws during this program, as we visit a clay lick. The trip includes hiking, boat trips and cloud forest lodge accommodation.