Machu Picchu Birds Field Huacarpay Abra Malaga

Machu Picchu Birds Field – Huacarpay – Abra Malaga 5days

Machu Picchu Birds Field – Huacarpay – Abra Malaga 5 days: Huacarpay birding on request half day, arriving or leaving from Cusco and birding Saqsaywaman near the main square of Cusco and Inca Archaeological Sites, Andean Culture, Relict Woodlands, Andean Birds and Machu Picchu adventure.

This trip is designed for of birders. We know this is often a conflict when one is an ardent birder and the other is not because as owners we are just that! We also know that many people want to see birds but also do not want to ignore the rich Andean culture and historic sights of Peru.

So with this in mind we have designed a very good birding itinerary and a dynamite cultural and historical tour. It is cleverly designed so that both bird’s history and culture are experienced in one tour. A great option for couples! We exclude most evening meals so that you have the freedom choose your restaurant. Private departures anytime with Amazon Birds.

Machu Picchu Birds Peru Abra Malaga

Machu Picchu Birds Peru Abra Malaga 5 days

Machu Picchu Birds Peru Abra Malaga 5 days: Machu Picchu hardly needs any introduction and, for birders, the Polylepis Forest at the Abra Malaga pass with many endemic species is almost as famous. There are four types of programs available and the number of days can be varied:

  • A Program: Arrival from Manu road in the evening of day 1 in the afternoon of the program below
  • B Program: Start in Cusco with pick up at the airport in the morning of day 1 on program below
  • C program: Combining culture and birds. This has a special program below.
  • D program: Super short. For those with very little time this is an extremely short program of only two days, going directly to Abra Malaga from the airport early in the morning and concentrating the effort at the Polylepis at the pass and naturally makes the obligatory visit to Machu Picchu concentraing the effort here to see the Inca Wren.

We can run this tour any day of the year. We recommend spending two nights at Machu Picchu and two full days on the Abra Malaga road (programs A, B and C). This will make the program less hectic.

The grading of the tour is “moderately difficult” because of the walking one does at altitude at Abra Malaga and the many stairs  Machu Picchu. The birding itself is quite easy.

These are programs that combine birding at the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu and the temperate wet and dry Polylepis forests at Abra Malaga. Abra Malaga is the prime site you need to visit near Cusco, since there are a lot of endemic and near-endemic birds here, most of which are difficult or non-existent on the Manu road. If you are interested in having a stronger focus on culture and archaeology, check out the C program below.