Bird Trip Manu Watching Peruvian

Bird Trip – Manu Watching Peru 15 days

Bird Trip – Manu Waching Peru: About 60% of Peruvian territory is Amazon rainforest. Manu Park and Amarakaery Reserve are located in the extreme western corner of Peru’s Madre de Dios Region. This excursion is oriented to people who want to have an adventure deep in the Amazonian forest, without lodges and restaurants. We will take you into virgin rainforest, learning how to build jungle camps and find ways to survive.

Put your survival skills to the test on this guided tour through the Amazon Rainforest. Your expert guide will teach you how to conquer your natural surroundings. Learn how to identify trees that produce fruits and nuts, how to find sources of clean water, practice building traps for small animals, build balsa rafts and navigate down the river into the Amazon.

We will provide basic food and water, but we will do a lot of fishing and hunting for a survival experience.

Amazon Watch Manu Biosphere birds peruvian

Amazon Watch – Manu Biosphere 7 days

Amazon Watch – Manu Biosphere: Amazon Birding – the ultimate in wildlife tours in Manu. Manu National Park has the highest biodiversity of any protected area in the world. The unparalleled beauty of this trip is in the landscape and variety of habitats ranging from orchid-draped cloud forest, where Spectacled Bears and Cock-of-the-Rocks still exist undisturbed, to pristine Amazon Rainforest with 13 primate species and oxbow lakes frequented by Giant Otters.

A trip to Manu is a trip to one of the world´s great wilderness areas, where wildlife is still plentiful and over 1,000 species of birds have been recorded. Add to this a breathtaking visit to Machu Picchu and you have a trip of a lifetime.