Birds of Peru Rhea Storks and Flamingos .

This plate is an assemblage of large, long-necked, long-legged birds. Rheas are flightless birds of dry opencountry. Storks are wading birds with long, heavy bills. They carry the neck outstretched in flight, with  legstrailing behind; unlike other wading birds, they frequently soar and can ascend to great heights. Flamingosare wading birds with particularly long, graceful necks and long legs; most notable for distinctive “kinked”bill. All three species are highly gregarious, with preference for brackish or saline water. They feed by wadingin water with  head held low, bill upside down and immersed; use bill to filter tiny organisms from water.Juveniles (not illustrated) of all species are brownish, with duller color to base of bill.


Birds of Peru Rhea Storks and Flamingos .:

AMAZON BIRDS : LESSER RHEA Rhea pennata * 92–100 cm (36–39 in) Rare and local (and populations probably declining) above 4300 m in southwest. Preferred habitat 1is flat open terrain with some bogs or wetlands. Usually found in small groups. Takes several yearsto reach maturity. Immatures lack white feather tips of adults. Bo, Ch .
AMAZON BIRDS : MAGUARI STORK Ciconia maguar i]110 cm (43 in)Very  rare vagrant to southeast; reported, as singles or pairs, both in lowlands of Madre de Dios and(photographed) at 3650 m in Andes. Found in open country, usually near marshes or wet grasslands.Similar to Wood Stork, but  note feat hered (not bare) neck and head, reddish tarsi, and more colorfulfacial skin; also has more extensive black on wing coverts and lower back (more visible on ground than in flight). Co, Br, Bo
AMAZON BIRDS :WOOD STORK Mycteria americana 89–101.5 cm (35–40 in)Most widespread stork. Uncommon in Amazonia , where found in marshes  and along rivers; also rare2in similar habitats in northwest. Rare vagrant (primarily juveniles) to Andes and central andsouthern coast. Often gregarious and may form small flocks. Readily recognized  by large size, barehead and neck, and white body with contrasting black remiges. Bill of juvenile is yellow oryellowish, and head may be partially feathered. Co,  E, Br, Bo, Ch
AMAZON BIRDS : JABIRU Jabiru mycteria 127–150 cm (50–59 in)Rare but widespread in central and southern Amazonia; ver y scarce or absent from north. Also a3very rare vagrant to Andes and coast. Immense, essentially all-white bird with bare black head; atclose range, note bare reddish lower neck. Juvenile is brownish gray, with duller skin colors; headand neck also may be feathered. Plumage progressiv ely whiter with age. May be seen as singles orpairs on ba nks of large rivers, but perhaps most often detected when soaring high overhead. Co, E,Br, Bo4
AMAZON BIRDS : JAMES’S FLAMINGO Phoenicoparrus jamesi 90 cm (35 in) Nonbreeding visitor to south, congregating at Salinas (4300 m); very rare vagrant to coast and to Amazonia. Smallest flamingo, with least amount of black on bill. Tarsi of adult entirely red. Immature much duller but identifiable by size, reduced black on bill, and yellowish base to bill (shared with Andean).
VOICE Calls higher and more screechy than calls of Chilean Flamingo. Bo,Ch
AMAZON BIRDS : ANDEAN FLAMINGO Phoenicoparrus andinus 110 cm (43 in)Rarest of the three flamingos. Nonbreeding visitor to southwest, where congregates at Salinas5(4300 m); up to several hundred may be present, but typically outnumbered by the two other species. Adult readily recognized by yellow tarsi, more prominently black rear body, and more black on wings(extending onto tertials); also has more extensively black bill than James’s. Immature similar to Chilean; at close range, note yellowish (not pink) base to bill and dark (not pale) iris. Br, Bo, Ch
AMAZON BIRDS : CHILEAN FLAMINGO :Phoenicopterus chilensis 95–105 cm (37–41 in) The most widespread flamingo. Breeds very locally in Andes. More widespread as nonbreeding 6 visitor in Andes at 3200–4600 m and on coast; often found on freshwater lakes (unlike other flamingos). Adult readily recognized by reddish “knees” contrasting with blue-gray tarsi, and pinkishbase to bill. Long pink plumes often cover black in wing when at rest. Immature lacks pink or red;see Andean and James’s flamingos.
VOICE Calls low grunts and gravelly, multisyllabic honks. E, Br,Bo, Ch

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