Watch Bird Trips -White Hawk Eagle .

Kites, hawks, and eagles are familiar raptors, with short, hooked beaks and strong claws. Strong in flight, and prey on vertebrates or larger invertebrates. Female hawks and eagles are larger than males. Species on this plate are mostly white.1




Watch Bird Trips -White Hawk Eagle .:

SWALLOW-TAILED KITE Elanoides forficatus * 52–62 cm (20 1⁄2–24⁄2in); ws 119–136 cm(47–5311⁄2in) Widespread and fairly common in humid forest in eastern Peru, up to 2450 m in the Andes. Also in moist deciduous forest in Tumbes. Immature similar to adult, but tail shorter; in youngest birds,head and breast may be washed with brown. Primarily feeds on insects, snatched in flight from air or forest canopy, and on small vertebrates. Usually seen in graceful, effortless soaring flight, often in small groups. Also perches inside forest canopy, where rarely noticed. Resident population probably augmented by boreal (and austral?) migrants, but these cannot be identified as such in the field. VOICE Call high, chirping whistles. Co, E, Br, Bo 2
GRAY-HEADED KITE Leptodon cayanensis * 43–49 cm (17–19⁄2in); ws 90–110 cm (3511⁄2 –43 in) Widespread but uncommon in forested areas in Amazonia, up to 600 m. Perches in forest canopy, usually in more or less concealed location but may perch in the open, especially in early morning or late afternoon. Also regularly soars, especially in mid- to late morning, although usually does not stay in air for long periods; typically holds wings bowed slightly downward. Has a display flight in which wings are held upward and the kite strokes the air with rapid shallow wingbeats. Gray head of adult distinctive, as is underwing pattern. Cf. Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle (similar to light-morph juvenile Gray-headed Kite). Cf. also Hook-billed Kite (which has shorter tail and more projecting head and neck). Dark-morph juvenile, with heavily streaked underparts and entirely brown head, apparently is much less common; cf. juvenile of much smaller Double-toothed Kite. VOICE Song is a loud mewing note, “reeaOW!” often followed by a series of “cak” notes. Co, E, Br, Bo 3
BLACK-AND-WHITE HAWK-EAGLE Spizaetus melanoleucus 54–60 cm (21–23⁄2 in); ws 110–135 cm (43–53 in) Rare in eastern lowlands, up to 1400 m, occasionally to 2800 m; widespread in central and southern Peru, but very scarce or absent in northeast. Usually seen soaring over humid forest; also perches within canopy. Easily confused with several other large black-and-white raptors. Similar to lightmorph juvenile Gray-headed Kite, but cere of the hawk-eagle is orange (yellow in the kite), lores black (pale in the kite), tarsi are feathered (bare in the kite), barring on the underside of the primaries is less prominent, the upperparts are blacker, and the hawk-eagle is larger; also, the hawkeagle has white along the leading edge of the wing, usually visible in flight. Distinguished from juvenile Ornate Hawk-Eagle by black “mask” that contrasts with reddish orange cere (Ornate haspale lores, and yellower cere), the white blaze along fore edge of wing, and unbarred flanks and tibial feathers. VOICE Calls rising piercing whistled “WHEElew” notes and lower whistled notes. Co, E, Br, Bo
WHITE-TAILED KITE Elanus leucurus * 35–43 cm (14–17 in); ws 88–102 cm (35–40 in) Recently has colonized Peru, where found in cleared areas in Madre de Dios; may continue to spread. 4 Also should be looked for in northwest. Often perches in an exposed site in open country (pastures, fields). Light and graceful in flight, with wings held above horizontal; frequently hovers low over prey, then drops suddenly to make the capture. Adult readily recognized by largely white plumage offset by black wing coverts (cf. smaller Pearl Kite). Juvenile similar but foreparts washed with brown, and upperparts may be scaled or streaked. Co, E, Br, Bo, Ch 5
PEARL KITE Gampsonyx swainsonii * 20–25 cm (8–10 in); ws 45–55 cm (18–21 Uncommon in northwest, in arid scrub, fields, and other open habitats with scattered perches. Rare and local (but perhaps overlooked, and so more widespread?) in Amazonia, where found at river edges (and perhaps will spread into cleared areas). Typically seen perched on exposed branch or wire, from which drops to ground to catch prey. Small and very white below, especially in coastal magnus; Amazonian swainsonii has rufous sides and flanks. VOICE Call a series of peeps, sometimes quavering. Reminiscent of some shorebirds. Co, E, Br, Bo

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