Birds Field Guide Macaw Clay Lick 4days

Tambopata Birding Macaw Clay Lick 4 days: The research has also revealed how large macaws show niche-separation in terms of nest site selection. Blueand-yellow macaw show preference for aguaje palm (Mauritia flexuosa) and red-and-green macaw (Ara chloropterus) for ironwood trees (hardwoods), whereas scarlet macaw appear to be more flexible in their choice of nesting sites.

This information has implications for determining the effects of logging and other types of habitat degradation on macaw reproduction rates, and provides evidence of the need for conservation of these tree species. Tambopata Birding Macaw Clay Lick 4 days / 3 nights


Birds Field Guide Macaw Clay Lick 4days:

Birds Tours Day 1: Puerto Maldonado – Tambopata Birding Macaw Clay Lick

We will start at 8:30 am from our Hostel or we can pass to pick you up from your hotel, we will have 2 hour by cay in a 4X4, the first part will be by the high way and the second part will be in a dirt route until we get to the Tambopata River near the limit to the reserve. Our boat will be waiting for us to take us 25 minutes up the Tambopata river to get to our Lodge, we will have good chances to spot capybaras and many shore birds along the river bank, getting to the lodge we will get a welcome drink and the manager will explain us all we need to know about our lodge and its around.

After lunch we will go for an introductory walk in first in a secondary grow forest and then in a primary forest full of huge trees and lianas and vines, at the same time we will talk about the most important economic activities in this region. Chances to spot some Brown capuchin monkeys and squirrel monkeys will be always possible.

When is getting dark we will come back to our lodge to get our torch and go to our boat and we will do one of the most exiting activities… it will be the Cayman spotting, we will go to look for White and black Caymans along the river bank with a big spot light, we might see more capybaras and we always have good chances to spot and ocelot or a jaguar by the river too.

Birds Tours Day 2: Tambopata Reserve – Birding Macaw Clay Lick

We will wake up around 5:00am, we will get a hot drink to get some energy and we will take our boat up the Tambopata for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Crossing the check point. We will have all the sunrise just for us in the boat, and we will have really good chances to spot shore birds, capybaras, White caimans, and why not to mention … A jaguar or an anaconda, I like to say it, we have a 20 %of probabilities to see one of these guys by the river bank.

Getting to our destination, we will get a show at the clay lick, parrots and macaws Green, red, blue and yellow birds all around us, flying and making loud noises, it will be spectacular this behavior of this birds. We will explain you the reason why every day the

whole year around this birds go to the Cliff to eat clay. We will spend from 6:30 am to 11:00 am approx. Our breakfast will be in front of the clay lick activity

At the end of this activity, in our way down river to the lodge we will make a short stop in the check point to learn more about the small museum that there is here, after this we will continue toward our lodge to get an unforgettable swimming in the stream or may be in the Tambopata River.

We will get our lunch and then we will go for a walk to know more about the most important things about the medicinal plants, the quinine “good for the malaria”, the cats claw, the dragons blood, and the AYAHUASCA “the master plant for the shamans” are only a few plants that we will find during this interesting walk just in the back of our lodge, in the real jungle.

We will go back to our lodge and then at night before dinner or after dinner we will have a short night walk, the sounds at night, the insects, spider, tarantulas, frogs and maybe snakes will make this night hike something difficult to forget.

Birds tours Day 3: Tambopata Birding – Monkeys – Fishing – Piranhas – Macaw Clay Lick

We will wake up with the sounds of the birds and probably howler monkeys, will get our breakfast and then we will go 30 minutes down the river to go for a fishing morning at the Gato stream, there are always hungry piranhas waiting for some meat that would be our bate, the walk to get to the fishing spots, the big trees, some of the monkeys always around will be part of this activity. the stream is a really good place to swim too after we catch some piranhas, it is an unforgettable experience. We will short walk to explain you a Little bit about the local farm.

In the afternoon, we will walk to the mammal clay lick, we will probably have better chances to find howler monkeys, deer’s, wild

pigs, and some other mammal feeding in this place, at the same time we will explain you the different techniques about the hunting ways that exist in this area.

At night, right after dinner, we can go to the river bank and make some fire to talk about your time in the jungle, maybe respond some of the questions that you might have, and if you want we your guide can tell you about local stories about the Tambopata Jungle.

Birds tours Day 4: Condenado Community  – 3 Chimbadas – Return to Puerto Maldonado

We will wake up in the same way like the day before, we will get our breakfast with time, and then we will take our boat and take the whole way to Puerto Maldonado by boat, we can make stops at Condenado community, the 3 chimbadas oxbow lake or the infierno native community where we can talk about the native people around. We will get a box lunch in the boat, we will arrive to Puerto Maldonado in the afternoon.

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  • Guiding from the beginning to the end.

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Tourist Information – Tambopata Birding Macaw Clay Lick 4 days

The Collpas Macaw Clay Lick:

As for collpas, Mother of God is related to the Latin American level number of licks that exist in its territory, and for having one of the largest in the world, located in the Tambopata National Reserve, called the Collpa Colorado. Collpas usually associated with macaws, however many mammals also attend collpas located in the forest. Thus become a source of meat for local communities and native populations.

Birds and mammals who congregate at the clay licks consume soil containing these natural formations to supplement your diet and eat catalyze acids in their bodies by eating green fruit.

One thing that few know is that there are also calls licks palms. In this case, the dry trunks of palm trees provide macaws mineral salts that have gained ground throughout his life.

Some even investigated this case occurs in the vicinity of Lake Sandoval, also within the Tambopata.Finalmente National Reserve is also known that collpas attract thousands of tourists to Mother of God, and are fascinating places to research wildlife.


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