Bird Trip Central Peru Huanuco and Junin 9 days

Bird Trip Central Peru Huanuco and Junin 9 days – If there is anywhere an ornithologist would want to be born…..that place is Peru. The enormous amount of birds which exist on the coast, the desert, the plains, the highlands, the mountains, the forests, the lakes and even the parks in the cities are a dream come true.


Bird Trip Central Peru Huanuco and Junin 9 days:

Day1: Lima Junin

We will pick you up from hotel early in the morning in order to drive the Central of Peru at Ticlio we will stop for a breakfast, right after breakfast we will look for birds such as: White bellied Cinclodes, OlivaceousThornbill, Rufous bellied seedsnape, Gray breasted Seedsnape, Diademed plower, Andean condor, Crested Duck and other birds. Later we will continue the journey to the barrage and then make a stop for lunch in a local restaurant before we reach Junin; at Junin we will look for Junin Canastero, Puna snape, Streakbacked canastero, Cordilleran Canastero, Cinereous Harrier, Puna Ibis, Black Faced Ibis, White winged Cinclodes and other birds. Later we will head towards our hotel where we will spend our first night.
Day2: Junín – Huánuco

Today we will visit Lake Junin in order to see the following species: Junín Rail, Junin Grebe, OrnateTinamou , Plumbeous Rail, Manycoloret Rush Tyrant, Chilian Flamengo, Andean coot, Puna teal, Yellow Billed pintail, White tufted Grebe, correndera pipit, puna miner, Common Miner, Andean Negrito, Black Breasted Hillstar among others. Later we will return to our hotel to pick up our luggage in order to continue travelling towards Huanuco. Along the way we can observe species like: line cheeked Spinetail, Giant conebill, Black Metaltail, Andean Hillstar, Thick billed Siskin, Cinereous Ground tyrant, Plain Breasted Earcreeper, Sliver Grebe and many more birds.
Before we reach Huánuco we will make a stop in order to look for following special birds: Rufous Backed Inca Finch, Black Crested Tit Tyrant and Torrent Duck. We will spend the night at Huanuco and eat dinner in a local restaurant.
Day3: Huánuco – Unchog Forest

Today we will travel to Unchog forest which is found two hours in a half away from Huanuco at 3280masl. Where we will camp and start birding. In this area we can see birds such as: Golden-backed Mountain Tanager, Rufous Browed Hemmispingus, Bey vented Cotinga, White Chinned Thistletail, Niblana Tapaculo, Coppery Metaltail, fronted Line Canastero, Yellow Scarf Tanager, Golden Collared Tanager and a lot more bird species. In the afternoon we will return to the camp side where we will spend the night.
Day4: Unchog – Huanuco

We will leave after breakfast to find some birds that we have not seen at the same place the day before, in the afternoon we will return for lunch to our camp site and right after it we will head towards Huanuco, along the way we will stop looking for some bird species. We will spend the night at Huanuco in a local hotel.
Day5: Huanuco – Paty Taril Trail – Huanuco

Today we will head towards Paty Taril Trail that is found an hour and a half away from Huanuco. After a quick breakfast we will head towards the trail to Paty Taril in the area we can observe bird species like: Flanked Tanager Brown, Orange Breasted Falcon, Gray breasted Mountain Tanager, Chestnu tBreasted Wren, Bay Antpitta, Yellow Scarf Tanager, Long Tailed Antbird, Powerful lwoodpecker, Crimson Bellied Woodpecker, Chestnu tAntpitta, peruvian tyrannulet, Huanuco Fruiteater, streaked Tufted cheeked, among others, later at Carpish tunnel we will observe birds such as: peruvian wren, Chestnut Antpitta, Golden Faced Chat tyrant, yellow scarf tanager, Barred Fruiteater, Black Capped Hemispingus and more. We will spend the night at Huánuco.
Day6: Huanuco – Tingo Maria

Today we will drive towards Tingo Maria, along the route we will stop in order to odserve bird species like: Andean cock of rock, Black Bellied Tanager, Red Rumped Cacique, White eyed parakeet, Blackish Rail, Amazon King Fisher, Orange bellied Euphony, Blue headed parrot, Sapphire Spangled Emerald, Black throated Mango, among others. We will spend the night in a local hotel at Tingo Maria.
Day7: Tingo Maria – Huanuco

Today we will leave our Hotel early in the morning and drive 40min away from the town in order to observe species like: Black eyed pale bird, Blackish Rail, and Green Ibis. Later we will visit the cave of owls in order to see the Oilbirds
Day8: Huanuco – Junin

In the Morning we will do some birding in the jungle of Huanuco, there we can pbserve bird species like: Inca Rufous backed finch, Little woodstar, Black crested títtyrant, Giant Hummingbird, White bellied Hummingbird, White-browed Chat-Tyrant. After some birding we will continue with our journey towards Juning having the oportunity to observe along the way species like: Black breasted Hillstar, Ornate tinamou, puna miner, Cordilleran canastero, Junin canastero, andean negrito among others.
Day9: Junin – Lima

Today in our way to Lima we will have the chance to observe species like: White bellied cinclodes, olivaceous thornbill, Rufous bellied seedsnape, Gray breasted Seed Snape, diademed plower, crested Duck. Lunch at San Mateo. We will reach Lima in the afternoon where our services will end.



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